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Luigi Gaeta


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    Prof. Luigi Gaeta worked at the University "Federico II" of Naples, from 1973 to 1995 under direction of the Prof. Francesco Mazzeo, the Chairman of Experimental Surgery, of Emergency Surgery, of Semiology and General Surgery. From December 22, 1995 he works near the chair of General Surgery, under direction of Prof. Renzo Dionigi, School of Medicine in Varese. He has completed stays in many international Surgical Schools and Institutions: 1974 Mar-Jul ‘75 - Service of Transplantations, Prof. JP Alexandre, St Raphael H, Leuven. 1976 Jan - Official observer in Service Chirurgie Digestive, Prof JC Sarles, CHU Marseille ’76 Nov- Nov ’77 - Stay in Marseille as “Attaché étranger” in surgical services of Regional Hospitals, General Surgery under direction of Prof J.C. Sarles, and Plastic Surgery, “Centre des Grands Brulés, Hotel Dieu, under direction of Prof. P.Jouglard - For research’s activity, fellowship in Pancreatology Center and 31 Unit INSERM of Medical Departement under direction of Prof. H Sarles, until march Nov.01.1977. 1980 Aug - Stay in “Service Endoscopie digestive”, Prof. M Cremer, Erasme ULB, Bruxelles. 1981 Jul-Aug - Stay in Service Chirurgie, prof. PJ Kestens, H.St.Luc, UCL, Bruxelles. 1982 - Stay in Erasme H./ Prof.C. Cremer et Lambillotte, Bruxelles 1983 - Stay in “Service de Chirurgie”, Prof. H Bismouth, Paul Brousse H. Paris. 1986 Nov-Dec - Official observer at Memorial SKC H. prof. JG Fortner; at Medical Center Prof. J Ranson New York. 1986 Apr - Stay in Laboratory of Prof.G Vantrappen, Gasthuisberg H.U. Leuven. 1990 Aug - Stay in Service Chirurgie Prof.PJ Kestens, H. St. Luc, Bruxelles. 1991 Aug - Stay for Laparoscopic Surgery, H.St.Luc, Prof. F Gigot, Bruxelles 1991 Dec - Stay Laboratoire prof. G Vantrappen, Gasthuisberg H. University, Leuven. 1999 Jan - Service Carcinologie Digestive, Gustave Roussy I., in Paris 2004 Apr - Stay in Erasme H. Bruxelles

Qualifications and awards

  • Degree in medicine 1972.
  • Graduated of Experimental Surgery 1976.
  • Graduated of Colonproctology1977.
  • Speciality on Surgery 1978.
  • Speciality on Oncologic Surgery 1982.
  • Speciality on Surgical Special Semeiotic Techniques, 1985.
  • 1st Award of Italian Society of Surgery, 1992.
  • 1 Grant from I.N.S.E.R.M. (Institut National Santé et Recherche Medicale) No.74-522-004.
  • 5 Grants from Italian Association Study of Pancreas.
  • Adviser of Italian Association Study of Pancreas 1988-90.

Research interests

Experimental research carried on guinea pig, rat, rabbit and the dog, faced many aspects of general surgery: starting examined experimental cholestasis in guinea pig. At Unité de Recherches de Pathologie Digestive 31 INSERM, Marseille, he studied the effects of vagal acute and chronic electrostimulation on the pancreatic secretion in the anaesthetized or awake dog, proving the existence of inhibitories vagal fibers; effects of chronic stimulation of splanchnic and pneumogastric nerves on the pancreatic secretion in the dog; effects of gastrointestinal hormones and smoke on Oddi’s sphincter by electromyography in the rabbit; design and carrying out a new cannula for collecting pancreatic juice; a new surgical procedure of biliare manometry in the rat enclosed in the Bolman’s capsule in normal and pathologic state.; models of acute pancreatitis and pharmacologic experimentation.
Clinical relating, he has carried out research about conservative treatment of acute pancreatitis, the news diagnostic techniques, the digestive motility and in particular of the transposed digiunal handles after total gastrectomy or on biliary tree as hépatico-jejuno-duodenoplastic operation; about Fortner’s techniques of regional pancreatectomy (1984) and digestive reconstruction after Whipple’s procedure, in particular pancreatic remnant stump’s treatment (1986); about laparostomy and “zipper” in acute pancretaitis (1986), about the role of biliopancreatic jonction in the pancreatic carcinogenesis on Whipple’ surgical specimens (1987); about rectal lymphoscintigraphy and surgical local treatment of cancer of rectum, Recent interest carried into bariatric surgery and into peroperative intraperitoneal chemiohyperthermia for the treatment of the peritoneal carcinosis.

Teaching experience and appointments

    From 1973 Dr. Gaeta covered the appointments of Assistant to practice exercises of Experimental Surgery (1/1/73); Fellow-ship of General Surgery of Medical Faculty of Naples (01/5/75-30/6/77); Assistant boursier, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Aix-Marseille, from 01/11/76 to 1/11/1977; Contract Lecturer General Surgery, from 01/07/77- 31/12/1979; Researcher General Surgery, from 04/01/80-20/10/84; Associate of General Surgery from 20/10/1984 until 22/12/1995, c/o Medical Faculty of Naples, under direction of Prof. Mazzeo. He cooperated to official teaching of Semeiotics and General Surgery, From 1976 to 1977, actively cooperated in doing lectures and seminars for medical students and assisting to the practise exercises at laboratory of experimental surgery, near CHU Marseille. From 1977 he covered appointment of teaching in the residencies of Faculty in Naples: Oncologic Surgery, Surgical Special Semeiologic Techniques, General Surgery, Digestive Surgery and Endoscopic, Gastroenterology and Endoscopy of Medical faculty of Naples. From 1995 Dr Gaeta is official teacher of General Surgery course for the School of Medicine at the University of Insubria in Varese. Also he is in charge for General Surgery teaching c/o the following residencies of the School of Medicine at the University of Insubria: General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Plastic and reconstructive Surgery, Gastrenterology and Radiodiagnostic.

Representative publications

1) "Influences of cholestasis on enzymatic induction by fenobarbital: experimental observations in guinea pig" Di Simone A, Catanzano C, Riegler G, Rinaldi M, Di Cesare D, Gentile S, Gaeta L, Coltorti M. Estratto da Quaderni Sclavo di Diagnostica 1974,Vol 10; 4: 481 - 90. IML (IT).
2) “The treatment of liver metastasis in cases of tumour of gastrenteric tube” Gaeta L, D'Antonio C, Gesuè G, Pennetti L, Rendano. Minerva Chirurgica1978,33:1-4. IML (IT).
3) “The radiological diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis and its limits” Gaeta L, Guien C, Pietri H, Sahel J. Minerva Dietol Gastroent. 1978 Apr-Giu Vol 24,n 2: 83- 8.(14) IML (IT).
4) “Action of chronic irritation of vagal nerves upon pancreatic secretion in dogs” Gaeta L, Amoros P, devaux MA, Sarles JC.Gastroéntérologie ressar biol.I979,3:302-3 (ENG).
5) “Effect of chronic irritation of splanchnic and vague nerves upon pancreatic secretion of the dog” Sarles JC, Castello H, Gaeta L, Devaux MA,(Unité de Recherches de Pathologie Digestive, INSERM U-31, F 13009 Marseille) Gastroéntérologie clinique et biologique 1979, 3, 84 (FR).
6) “Manometric measures in total gastrectomy are correlated to surgical reconstructive procedure" Gaeta L, Craus W, Mazzeo F. Panorama Sanitario, 1980, V; 12:10-8 (IT).
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16) "Anatomy of the pancreatic,biliary junction examined in surgical specimens of patients resected for pancreatic cancer" Digestion 1987 vol 38 N1: 20 (ENG).
17) “Lymphoscintigraphy and immunolymphoscintigraphy in the diagnostic evaluation of colorectal neoplastic recurrences” Bucci L,Benassai G, Gaeta L, Mazzeo F. “Communication Societé Française Proctologie, Réunion 21/XI/1987. Estratto da Bulletin Francais de Coloproctologie 1988, 1: 8- 9 (FR).
18) “Suppression of pancreatogigiunal anastomosis in Whipple procedure: early and late results” Gaeta L, Casati P, Festa P, Mazzeo F. Prima comunicazione classificata al concorso "Premio Giovani" 92° Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana di Chirurgia, Roma 21-25/X/1990 Edizioni Minerva Medica, ATTI Vol II: 3-6 (IT).
19) "Necrotic pancreatitis and colonic complications, control of infection by colectomy and laparostomy with zipper" Gaeta L, Benassai G, Fimiani D, Liccardo R, Mazzeo F. Minerva Medica, Atti 92° Congresso SIC Vol II: 61 - 4. (IT)
20) “Peritoneum” Mozzillo N, Gaeta L, Mazzeo F. in Mazzeo F-Mozzillo N. (eds) “The Surgery of Infections” Chirurgia delle Infezioni, Prevenzione Clinica e Terapia. Vol II Masson 1991: 533-89. (IT)
21) "Pancreatic resections for neoplasms" Mazzeo F, GAETA L. in "Neoplasms of the Pancreas: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Integration", Fegiz G, Virno, Ranieri E. Coll monografica vol 3, 99-100 (ENG)
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Associate Professor
Department of Surgical Sciences
Viale Borri 57
Tel: +39.0332.278450
Fax: +39.0332.260260
E-mail: luigi.gaeta@uninsubria.it

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